Foxwell NT630 Pro vs. NT510-Which one is best suited for your specific needs?

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There is no greater accomplishment than knowing exactly why your brake light or check engine light is on. However, finding the right OBD II diagnostic scanning tool can be difficult, making this Foxwell NT630 Pro vs. NT510 comparison review very helpful when narrowing down your choices to one tool that is perfectly suited for your vehicle.

I got my first OBD II scanner after I watched my local mechanic charge me for diagnosing a problem that took the device less than three minutes to figure out. I was determined to understand the inner workings of my vehicle and slowly through online research and nights spent deep in Foxwell OBD II user manuals I became the OBD scanning tool expert that I am today. For this review, I have picked two reliable Foxwell scanners that will serve professionals and DIYers alike.

Foxwell NT630 Pro vs. NT510 comparison table

Model Foxwell NT630 Pro Foxwell NT510
Display 4.3” TFT color screen 2.8” TFT color screen
System diagnostics ABS and Airbags All systems
OBD I and OBD II Compatible Yes Yes
Live sensor data Yes Yes
Check Price Check Price

Foxwell NT630 Pro vs. NT510

Diagnostic Coverage and other services

The Foxwell scanners offer value for standard and specialized assessment features. The NT510 will enable OBD1 and 2 assessment of your vehicle, with the scanner supporting a comprehensive list of all 10 modules. This model will support transmission checks, as well as help manage your engine, battery, ABS, SAS, TPS, TPMS, immobilizer system and EPB functions. It allows you to assess and reset these systems for an efficiently functioning vehicle. Like the NT510, the Foxwell NT630 also offers a variety of features for an accurate and detailed assessment. The scanner offers all the modules, and delivers when it comes to additional services. This unit will offer a variety of ABS tests, as well as SAS and bidirectional testing. Both models will also offer great active tests, which allows to keep your vehicle’s components and systems in check for a better functioning unit. The one thing the Foxwell NT630 Pro and NT510 have in common is their ability to read and clear error codes, control the ABS/Airbag system (which includes turning off ABS and airbag warning indicator lights) and calibrate your vehicles Steering Angle Sensor (SAS). The Foxwell NT510, on the other hand, does deliver not only basic EOBD functions but also advanced functions such as throttle body adjustment, Diesel Particulate Filter regeneration, oil service light reset and much more. Both the NT510 and NT630 scanners are well suited for the basic and special features offered for a thoroughly accurate diagnosis, which makes them an ideal fit for compatible vehicle picks.

Vehicle Compatibility and operation

The Foxwell NT630 Pro supports more than 52 vehicle makes while the NT510 comes pre-loaded with one free OBD car system software. With the Foxwell NT510, you will have to pay to expand its vehicle coverage by buying additional car software, and this is still not guaranteed to work making it necessary to get a brand-specific version. In simple terms, the NT630 Pro has better and wider vehicle coverage than the NT510. In addition, the Foxwell NT510 compatibility with both OBD I and OBD II cars depends on the original vehicle brand it supports, unlike the NT630 Pro which is compatible with OBD I and OBD II cars, SUVs, Minivans and light trucks. The NT510 can hold up to 5 different vehicle brand models, which makes it a great choice for drivers with a specific set of vehicles to work on with the tool. The NT510 scanner for BMW, for instance, will be compatible with various BMW vehicle series, as well as the BMW mini and BMW Rolls Royce. Even though this scanner offers very specific compatibility, it will support a variety of makes under each vehicle manufacturer. It is a versatile and highly accurate scanner that delivers a great experience with compatible vehicle picks. The NT630 offers wider compatibility than the NT510, with the model being well suited for a variety of needs across different brands. It is as functional as the NT510, offering a variety of special features as well as the basic diagnostic modules expected of it. The scanners offer AutoVin and new battery registration for compatible vehicles, which enhances the quality of assessment offered. Even though these may be incompatible with some models, they can be carried out manually to provide the special services associated to more vehicle owners. Both models will meet your expectations in terms of the range of services offered, making them ideal for thorough assessment of your car.

Display, build and ease of use

The Foxwell NT630 Pro has a 4.3-inch TFT color display screen which comes in handy when viewing merged graphs simultaneously for comparison. The NT510, on the other hand, has a smaller 2.8-inch TFT color screen. While it delivers a great diagnostic experience, the smaller screen could limit the depth of display. The NT510 is smaller and more lightweight than the NT630 pro, which makes it very ideally fit for enhanced ease of use. Both models offer a grip-fitting build, with Foxwell offering ergonomic appeal in that aspect. As an added advantage, these models feature a hardened rubber coating that increases their lifespan by protecting against impact. They also feature a well designed keypad arrangement and an interactive menu layout, making their use pretty straightforward. The scanners also come with a hardy carrying case, which makes them well suited for use on the road. There have been some customer concerns over the manual, with many pages proving confusing for people without any experience. They will be a little challenging for first time users to put together, but this should be easy to overcome in hardly any time.

Foxwell NT630 Pro vs. NT510 Product review

Foxwell NT630 Pro

The Foxwell NT630 Pro is the best tool for stress-free diagnostic work. This plug and play ABS and airbag reset tool will not only check your vehicles electronic components but also deliver SAS calibration and turn off your check engine lights. This code reader comes with an SD card, thumb drive and USB cable that allows you to transfer your data onto your laptop and update your scanner’s software. The NT630 Pro covers an extensive range of more than 52 American, European and Asian car makes, making it a must-have tool for automotive repair shops. This diverse model can be useful for diagnosing multiple vehicles for different needs, making it an ideal choice for your vehicle assessment.

The NT630 pro scanner offers an impressive range of features, even though it is slightly limited compared to other more versatile units. This model is an ideal fit for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals, thanks to its impressive build and feature options. It offers a wide TFT screen, and delivers an impressive compatibility range that guarantees even modern vehicle options. Like other Foxwell scanners, it also features free lifetime upgrades to deliver increased compatibility with any new modern additions. The scanner is very easy to use, and offers great display for accurate vehicle assessment. It is hardy, thanks to a toughened exterior that protects it against impact damage. It is a very effective tool for use at home or on the road, with the highly accurate output helping you stay ahead of your vehicle’s needs.


  • Has larger SD Card that stores readings
  • Has free lifelong software updates
  • Lets you view live sensor data in text and graph formats
  • Offers bidirectional testing for comprehensive assessment
  • Great build for increased ease of use and storage


  • Reading and understanding the display can be challenging for people without prior experience.
  • Some vehicle brands will not be compatible with a few special features offered


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Foxwell NT510

The Foxwell NT510 is an all system scanner, and it performs basic and advanced diagnostic service functions found in high-end scanners such as ABS, SRS, transmission, EPB, TPMS, oil service reset and much more. With the NT510 vehicle compatibility is very important, to access its basic and advanced service functions you will have to get an NT510 scanner that is dedicated to your vehicle brand. This device will let you read and clear trouble codes, view and merge graphical data for easy comparison and freeze frame data. The quality of display and range of diagnostic services offered by the model make it an ideal fit for professional and home use.

The NT510 is a handy tool for various needs, with this scanner offering a large variety of features. Aside from the OBD1 and OBD2 services, it also offers more special services than those covered above. If the scanner is compatible with your vehicle, it will deliver a great range of options for accurate assessment. The model, which weighs in at 1.45 pounds, is very easy to use and delivers impressive display. It has a smaller screen compared to the more modern NT630 Pro, but it offers different aspects of findings to help you get the right picture. The scanner is comfortable to use and guarantees a slip-free experience, thanks to a rugged rubber exterior that also boosts its lifespan. The NT510 is a great unit for a variety of vehicles, thanks to its wide compatibility and free lifetime upgrade offer. For older vehicle models, working with a 20-pin plug could be the best option for a more complete range of services.


  • You can perform any task with this scanner
  • It can reset and control your vehicles control modules.
  • It is palm sized and has an option driven menu that makes it easy to use
  • Very easy to add other models
  • OBD1 & 2 compatible for thorough vehicle assessment


  • Can only be upgraded on Windows XP/7/8/10
  • Will only hold up to 5 vehicle brand models at a go


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My verdict

The Foxwell NT630 Pro may seem limited or basic in comparison to the Foxwell NT510 in terms of diagnostic functions coverage. However, it makes up for this by covering an incredible range of vehicle makes, something the NT510 does not do. The Foxwell scanners are well suited for ease of use, with careful consideration of the design and overall build. Both models are suited with a hardy rubber exterior for increased damage resistance, and include the tough carrying case alongside other needed parts. They are very easy to use for people with some experience, and will help look into different aspects of your vehicle’s operation for increased efficiency in your diagnosis. I like the Foxwell NT630 Pro, because the unit is detailed and thorough. It offers impressive service, which is enhanced by a high end display system. This convenient model is well suited for my needs, and very easy to use overall. I should mention that the NT510 is jam-packed with functionalities that will let you perform a wide range of tasks on your vehicle. However, you need to make sure you purchase one that is compatible with your specific brand of car; otherwise, some of the functions will not work even after a software update.


Where do I get software updates for my Foxwell scanner?

The Foxwell website has a download page where you can get software updates for free depending on the make of your scanner and once you have registered.

Will my Foxwell scanner work on an OBD I vehicle?

Most Foxwell scanners are compatible with both OBD I and OBD II cars, and you should, however, check vehicle compatibility before purchasing a particular device.

Will a mechanic agree to fix my car based on diagnostic information from my OBD II scanner?

Yes, in fact, an OBD II scanner is one tool that will not be missed in an automotive repair shop. Foxwell OBD II scanners are reliable and diagnostic information captured should be sufficient enough to facilitate repairs.

Can I leave my OBD II scanning tool permanently plugged into my car?

No, there is no need for this, and it is likely that the device will end up draining your battery.

How do I update my Foxwell scanner?

You will first need to get a Foxwell ID and register your scanner using the serial number on the Foxwell website then use the update application-the Foxscanner-to update your device.


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