Foxwell NT301 vs Seekone SK860
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The right OBD scanner will help you assess your vehicle’s condition and improve its efficiency thanks to the wide range of services on offer. This Foxwell NT301 vs Seekone SK860 comparison looks into two scanners that are suitable for a variety of vehicle models.

I am the father of a set of triplets who recently got their driving licenses. They have always done everything together. I had planned to surprise them with a car on their birthday but I couldn’t wait until next year. The boys had already started sneaking my car out for test drives in the middle of the night. I shopped around to find a second hand model that could keep them out of my BMW without putting a dent in my budget. As I looked online on how to keep the repair and maintenance costs down, I discovered this Foxwell NT301 vs Seekone SK860 comparison that helped me understand what I needed.

What are the differences between Foxwell NT301 and Seekone SK860?

Foxwell NT301 Seekone SK860
Lifetime free updates Yes Yes
Battery registration No Yes
Enhanced OBD2 services Yes Yes
LED indicators Yes Yes
Check price Check price

Foxwell NT301 vs Seekone SK860 – how do they differ?

Advanced diagnostics

The Foxwell NT301 offers a wide variety of diagnostic services beyond the standard 10-service OBD2 modes. However, it does not support battery registration and live battery status. The Seekone SK860 scanner offers similar advanced diagnostics to the Nt301, but also includes these two additional features.

Design and durability

These scanners are designed for increased durability, thanks to the sturdy build and ergonomic design. The rubberized coat of the NT301 offers better impact protection than the Seekone SK860’s exterior, with a guarantee of protection for falls of up to 15 feet.

Ease of use

The hotkey placement and simple menu make both scanners very easy to use. Even if you have little experience, both models offer a DTC lookup library that will help define error codes. However, the Seekone SK860 offers manufacturer specific error code, which can be useful for people with relatively low experience levels.

Foxwell NT301 vs Seekone SK860 comparison review

Foxwell NT301 features and specs

Foxwell’s NT301 OBD2 scanner is an advanced diagnostic tool that is designed to help professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. It offers comprehensive OBD2 services as well as a range of additional services that make it ideal for use for a variety of faults. It can detect, identify and clear faults for a seamless diagnostic experience. Even if you have little experience, the basic layout of this model will help you monitor the state of your vehicle and address any faults that may affect the check engine light. It is a well designed model that facilitates increased ease of use. Alongside the ergonomic design, it has a simplified layout. You can also utilize the large look up library to increase the accuracy of your diagnosis. It also features a red-yellow-green LED lighting system to aid with diagnosis. It is compatible with a range of local and international models, as well as a sufficient variety of languages.


  • Supports freeze frame data
  • Comprehensive OBD2 service modes
  • Can automatically read vehicle information
  • Compatible with PC printing
  • Sturdy build and ergonomic design


  • Not compatible with MAC PC updates


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Seekone SK860 features and specs

Alongside comprehensive OBD2 diagnostics, the Seekone SK860 scanner guarantees an efficient and convenient diagnostics process. It is an accurate tool that can be used for a wide range of OBD2 services and is compatible with many vehicle models built after 1996, provided they also contain a 16-pin OBD2 port. The SK860 features a great design, which facilitates increased ease of use. The ideally placed hotkeys allow for quick diagnostics, similarly to the red-yellow-green LED lighting which can be used to determine the state of your vehicle even before testing. For users with little experience, the great customer support and feedback options will work to reduce the likelihood of an inaccurate diagnosis. It is also designed with a protective anti-shock casing to increase its durability. It supports up to 8 different languages for international use.


  • Offers I/M readiness test
  • Includes freeze frame data
  • Offers lifetime free upgrades
  • Can automatically read vehicle information
  • Offers PC printing
  • Comprehensive diagnostic services


  • Not compatible with iOS devices


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What does a red light on the LED indicator on my scanner mean?

There red-yellow-green LED indicator on your scanner will come in handy when you are determining the emissions status on your vehicle. A green light means that you are good to go, yellow usually points to one or two faults while a red light means that your vehicle will not pass the emissions test.

Will I be able to translate the trouble codes on my Seekone SK860?

This model features a large look up library with about 3000 in-built generic code definitions to help you understand the root cause of the problem. It also includes a feedback option in case you get unusual codes.

Can my scanner work when the car battery voltage is low?

Your scanner will require a threshold voltage in order to function, or else it could cause hiccups hen attempting to start your vehicle. Some scanners have a reserve battery that can help you overcome this.

Do I need a scanner with PC printing capability?

While it is not a necessary requirement, having PC printing capability allows you to carry out off car diagnostics with professional help.

Can I store my scanner safely at home?

These tools are sturdy and designed for impact protection. They are also small in size and lightweight, which means you can store them securely in your vehicle.

My verdict

After exploring this Foxwell NT301 vs Seekone SK860n comparison, I opted for the latter OBD2 scanner. It offers a comprehensive range of on board diagnostic services and is compatible with the older vehicle model. I enjoyed showing my sons how to assess their vehicle’s condition and address any underlying issues. My sons are having a great, safe and inexpensive time learning how to drive and take care of their car. I couldn’t ask for more.


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