Best Jack Stands for SUV Review


The best Jack stand for SUV takes an in-depth review of the various Jack stands in the market with the aim of helping consumers make an informed decision.

Flat tires can be irritating and frustrating. When I bought a BMW X5, I realized that I needed to change my previous saloon car jack stands to accommodate the extra weight.

For many years, driving my Toyota saloon car, I only needed a jack to change a tire,but with anSUV, the extra weight meant that I was not sure if the car would topple over and collapse on me.

Using cinder blocks, massive stones,and other makeshift items to hold the weight on your SUV can be very dangerous. No one dreams of all that weight coming down on them when they are doing some routine maintenance. 3 to 6 tons of weight can cause serious damage.

Jack Stands are a must-havetool in any garage if you want to give your car proper ground clearance. Jack Stands to a mechanic are like non-conductive gloves to an electrician. How do you get the best jack stands?

The key factor when purchasing a jack stand is that it has to hold the entire weight of your SUV without breaking. Jack stands provide you with an extra layer of safety when your jack fails.

You will need to keep in mind that jack stands come in pairs. When buying one, you will notice that it is often indicated the weight capacity. You need to note that the weight indicated is per pair. If its 6 tons it means one stand holds 3 tons. You can use them to change your brake pads, tires, oil change, or any other mechanical repair that comes about.

Best Jack stands for SUV

Torin T46002A Double locking jack

BIG RED T46002A Torin Steel...
  • Double locking jack stands that are sold as a pair; Height...
  • Equipped with a double-lock protection feature, increasing...
  • Saddle has a large surface area that provides better contact...

When it comes to top brands for Jack stands then the name Turin stands out. The Torin T46002A Double locking jack stand has a weight capacity of 6 tons. This means it can hold 3 tons for each pair. The best part about them is that it has a solid handle that allows for adjustments to height. An additional pin keeps the Jack stand on the same level. The base is large enough to hold the extra weight from your SUV.


  • Large saddle surface area has a better grip on the car
  • Double-lock protection for extra protection
  • For precise height adjustment, you have an iron ratchet bar
  • Multi-positioning and self-locking
  • ASME certified


Base not broad enough

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Torin T43002 3 Ton

BIG RED T43202 Torin Steel...
  • Lightweight jack stands are used to support your vehicle...
  • Constructed of high-grade forged steel with a welded frame...
  • Adjustable height ranges from 11-1/4" to 16-3/4" with a 3...

Similar to the above is theTorin T43002 3 Ton jack stand. Key features include a curved top base that fits perfectly on your pinch welch without causing any damage to your vehicle. For added security, you have double locking pawls. The jack stands are lightweight and can hold a total weight capacity of up to 3 tons. This makes them ideal for any medium sized car or SUV to small trucks. Torin is renowned for quality,and their jack stands do not disappoint. I personallybought a pair,and I was impressed by how well they held the car.

Top features

  • Lightweight and suitable for small trucks and medium sized SUVs
  • Durable frame made from high-grade forged steel
  • Large support area for better car support
  • ASME certified


Base too small

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Esco 10498 3 Ton Capacity Jack Stand

Esco 10498 3 Ton Performance...
  • Removable rubber flat top included
  • Great for low profile vehicles
  • 3 ton capacity per stand ( 6 Ton Per Set)

The Esco 10498 3 Ton Capacity Jack Stand is a rugged looking Jack stand for 3 ton SUVs. You can lift SUVs to a height of 13 to 21 inches. To adjust this, you will use the locking pin provided. What impressed me about this jack stand for SUV was the flat protective pad at the top. Made from rubber, the pad holds the car well without any risk of toppling over. Unlike other, Jack stands that cause damage to your bodywork; this model does an excellent job of maintaining it. What I did not like about the Jack Stand was that it was quite bulky. It performs poorly when it comes to looks.


  • Removable rubber top
  • Suitable for low profile vehicles
  • Sizeable flat cushion that protects car’s bodywork
  • Can lift up to 21 inches


  • Can be bulky
  • Not stylish

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Performance Tool, 3 Ton Jack, Stands

Performance Tool 3 Ton (6,000...
  • Rated capacity: 3 Ton (6000 pounds)
  • Lift Range: 11-1/4” to 16-3/4”
  • Heavy duty construction with sturdy/durable steel frame and...

This stylish Performance Tool, 3 Ton Jack, Stands come in bright yellow colors, which make them stand out. To enhance durability, the Jack Stands for SUV are made from durable steel. A broad base handles most of the weight of the vehicle. You can extend the Jack stands to a height of about 12 to 14 inches. This gives you enough ground clearance to change your tire or fix an oil leak. If you have never used a jack Stand before then, you will find this Jack Stand to be very user-friendly. With a combined weight capacity of 6 tons, this Jack stand can handle medium to heavy-duty vehicles with ease.


  • Heavy-duty frame
  • High load capacity at 6 tons
  • Colorful yellow color
  • Lift range of 12 to 14 inches


If you do like the yellow color, then too bad

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Camco 4461 Jack Stand for SUVs

Camco Olympian Aluminum Stack...
  • Stabilizes and Levels your RV: Designed to get secure and...
  • Superior Strength: Each jack supports up to 6000 pound
  • Durable Construction: Made of cast aluminum

The Camco 4461 Jack Stand for SUVsstands out with its simple design. The Jack Stand reminds me of pyramids. Not the best looking of Jack Stands that I have encountered. It comes with a bolt at the top; which you can use for height adjustments. Don’t be fooled by the simple design. The Camcocan be adjusted to a height of between 11 and 17 inches and can support up to 3 tons. This makes it suitable for light SUVs. If you are driving a Humvee or an Escalade, then you may want to reconsider this. The Camcois made from durable cast aluminum.


  • Lift height of between 11 and 17 inches
  • Made from durable cast aluminum
  • Suitable for RVs
  • Comes as a set of four


Lacks a safety pin for added security

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How to Select the Right Jack Stand for your SUV

Selecting the right Jack Stand for your SUV can be a challenge. You do not want to buy one that breaks down when you are under the car. Working under your car without proper jack stands can be fatal. Your trusted Jack can fail at any time. Many people confuse the Jack Stands with the jack.

Let’s clear the confusion. A jack stand will lift off your car from the ground while Jack stands will hold the car in place in case your Jack fails. Jacks fail all the time. If you are using a hydraulic jack, you may experience a loss of pressure after continuous usage.

Jack stands come as a pair, which ensures that your car is secure, and won’t topple over. Usage of Jack Stands is not that complicated. Once you lift your car with the Jack, place one Jack stand on the lifted part and move to the next side; do the same,and you are safe to perform some repair works. This Jack Stand for SUV review introduces some tips you need to consider the next time you go searching for jack Stands.

Your Type of Vehicle will greatly determine the Jack Stand weight capacity. The Jack Stand for a Humvee is very different from your Toyota RV4. For SUVs you will need to look for jack stands rated 3 tons and above. The vehicle ground clearance will also play an important role. An explorer may require a higher Jack stand than your medium-sized SUV. You can get the vehicle weight from the manufacturers manual.

The next thing you will need to check is the Quality of the Jack Stands. Good quality Jack stands are made from durable aluminum or some other hardy material. Cheap Jack stands will not only cost you in the long term but may cost your life if they break down when you are doing some repairs. The best Jack stands for SUVs will come with safety pins that lock the mechanism in place. Some like Torin come with patented double locking safety mechanisms.

Storage matters when it comes to your Jack Stand. You do not want bulky stands that occupy all your boot space. Find a Jack stand that does not compromise on functionality while at the same time easily fits in your boot.

Finally, check the base width of the Jack Stand. A good jack stand should have a wide base that can handle the SUV’s weight without toppling over. The top should also be made of soft material that does not erode the car’s paint. Rubber is the preferred material. You can also find some designs that fit well on the pinch welch.

Final Thoughts

If you are planning on doing some car maintenance then getting a pair of Jack Stands is a crucial. It could be a matter of life and death. A jack will crucial to lift the car off the ground cannot effectively keep the car from the ground. Based on this review we found the Torin T46002A Double locking jackto be the best Jack Stand for SUV of more than 3 tons.

The Torin stands our due to its high weight capacity – up to 6 tons. The Jack Stand comes with a patented Double locking mechanism that ensures you are safe under the car. The precision adjustments ensure that you have the correct height no matter the SUV. The Torincan be used in medium to lightweight trucks making it the Best Jack Stand for SUVs.

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